About us

Pospolita (The Common) is a network analysis centre that brings together experts committed to sustainable development and broadly understood inclusive policies. Economists, sociologists, political scientists, digital technology experts and labour market researchers, fill our website with in-depth social and economic diagnoses and bold opinions, concluding them with recommendations of breakthrough public policies.

We create a compact, yet open, environment of specialists with a mission – we want to contribute to a better Poland and Europe. We want to bring about a progressive and equal community of prosperity, capable of winning historic challenges in forms of social crises, growing inequality, exclusion and climate catastrophe. We act not only through journalism. We are also active in public life and local communities: we organise debates, conferences, training and social consultations.

We want to develop a nationwide network of support for local government policies that are consistent with our ideas, to saturate the media and people’s awareness with them, and then turn them into action. We focus on partnership-based development , which will also allow us to learn, change and gain valuable experience in cooperation with enthusiastic people from all over Poland and Europe.

The Instrat Foundation

The Instrat Foundation forms the legal, organizational and financial basis for our activity. It is a socially engaged think tank guided by the vision of holistic development. Our activity is based on open-mindedness, innovation and a critical approach to current problems. Instrat’s team conducts its own research and actively engages in public debate, promoting progressive solutions.